New Address For Newtown’s Recovery Website

Newtown’s recovery website address has changed to www.onenewtown.com.

The previous address was a .org address. The change is reportedly being required by the corporate provider that is underwriting the site costs and domain name on behalf of the town.

The website continues to bring information on Newtown’s recovery together in one place and focuses on information, support resources, First Selectman Pat Llodra’s blog, and stories that connect the community.

Launched in May 2013, OneNewtown is different from the town’s official website, which focuses on town departments, meeting agendas, minutes, special announcements and other details.

“Onenewtown.org is focused on connection and communication, being engaged with one another and sharing experiences that refresh and inspire us,” Mrs Llodra said at the time of the website’s unveiling. “Our hope is that the site will be a key source for critical and timely information on our recovery, promote community participation, and detail our collective path forward.”


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